Returning California to Work COVID-19 STATE FUND Safety Protocol Fund

To support California businesses during the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis and through the return to work process , State Fund established the $50 million Returning California to Work COVID-19 Safety Protocol Fund to help policyholders defray the costs of protecting workers from COVID-19.

If you are a State Fund policyholder who has already returned to re-open your business, or you are planning to return, you may be eligible for a grant to help with safety-related expenses.
Individual grants can total up to twice the policyholder’s estimated annual premium (EAP) up to a maximum of $10,000, whichever is less. They can be applied to expenses incurred as early as March 1, 2020 or to future expenses related to protecting the workforce from COVID-19. To find your EAP, go to your Policy Declarations Page document, or log into your State Fund Online account.