Richmond City Council Highlights


June 30, 2020

7:15pm meeting started

A.    Roll Call: All present

B.    Conflict of Interest: None

C.   Agenda review: Vice Mayor removed for discussion consent Item#F13 professional service contracts

D.   City Attorney Report: None

E.   City Manager Report:

·         No date to reopen offices

·         City received $1.3M from CARES

F.    City Council Consent Calendar: Johnson motion/Willis second – passes with #F13 removed for discussion; Bates absent from vote.

G.   Budget Session

G-1 FY20-21 Fiscal Budget

·         Staff Presentation: presenting balanced budget but don’t have labor agreements; reliance on one time measures; not sustainable in future; no staff reductions reduced contribution from labor; minimize reserve usage; increased cash reserves to policy level of 15%; expenses/revenues of $165.2Mil addresses $29.5M deficit; 80% of measures not directly impact fulltime filled positions; 62% was addressed by one time fixes includes Union Proposal C $5.3Mil in union accommodations.

·         Council: Mayor- this is built on presumptions of union agreements which may not happen; why not look at reducing OT, not collecting taxes from cannabis businesses; building being done without paying permits. Vice Mayor questioned adding person to Office of Emergency Services when not requested by Director

·         Public comment: 27 written comments, 10 callers -Claudia Jimenez- decrease PD funding, no changes to library, more money to community programs —  this was reiterated by the majority of callers who represented ACE; RPOA/Ben T-need longer term plan; Gayle McLaughlin-decrease PD spending, increase community programs

·         VOTE- several motions/amendments and alternative motions made. Willis said he could not support unless more money was directed to community, families and top salaried money was redirected to support those with salaries of less than $100Mil.

·         Willis motion/Myrick second to adopt budget and meet to eliminate furloughs for those paid $100Mil or less; eliminate OT by savings on furloughs under $100k salary. Choi friendly amendment to remove the furlough stipulation as this would work out automatically. MOTION CHANGED TO:  adopt budget & reduce overtime. VOTE: passes WITH Bates and Martinez voting NO

G-2 FY20-21 Appropriations limit: Myrick motion/Johnson second- passes unanimously

I. Council as Whole

I-1.  DIRECT staff to prepare a plan to transition from Richmond’s current “community policing” model to a plan conducive to the reduced police force and return to Council with the preferred policing model and a plan for implementation by the end of Fiscal Year 2020/2021 – Councilmember Myrick (620-6636) and Councilmember Demnlus Johnson (620-6568)

·         Myrick: RPD not mental health experts, this is not attacking or punishing POA, current situation is unsustainable, need time to get buy in.

·         Johnson: need to begin process, Richmond Revolution presentation will be made on 28th

·         Willis: add task force

·         Bates: why not incorporate with the Mayor’s ad hoc committee; this is disrespectful to the Mayor, reacting to widespread opposition to Police

·         /this resulted in arguments between Bates and Johnson with Johnson calling Bates liar and Mayor calling both out of order/

·         Choi: can do both problem is ad hoc is limited by Brown Act

·         Butt: several movements; 8 can’t wait, defund PD; Police Commission meeting tomorrow to review 8 can’t wait items and going to make recommendation to PD. The ad hoc committee hasn’t me yet; uncomfortable about parallel things happening. This task force is duplication.  Issue is cultural not issues with # of cops.  Need to take slow; jumping to a conclusion. My recommendation is to let the ad hoc committee meet and see where it goes.

·         Willis: reticent about ad hoc because of your position on RPD

·         PUBLIC COMMENT: 2 written comments; 9 callers many of which were ACE members – reduce PD funding put toward community

·          Myrick motion/ for to move on this item and for staff to return in 2 weeks with plan; ad hoc committee to include public, community organizations, individuals impacted by RPD, PD; need access to legal assistance and legal documents

·         CM staff could not respond that rapidly

·         Mayor asked attorney review of issues with original ad hoc committee as Vice Mayor had described – 3 councilmembers and added community

·         Attorney: union cannot be on ad hoc committee only as guests; staff can create task force.

·         Bates: if the majority want this, abandon ad hoc and move on; I won’t participate

·         Myrick motion to create a task force to advise staff, have access to legal, standing meeting with CM and PD, report back to council 9/15 and monthly thereafter

·         Martinez: friendly amendment to add community groups (Police Commission, Office of Neighborhood Safety, RYSE, PD, County, Safe Return)

·         ? not sure who was second

·         VOTE: Passes with Bates and Butt voting no. Butt stated would disband ad hoc committee

No Council Meeting next week.  / Adjourned 11:52pm/