Benefits of Becoming a Member

Benefits of Becoming a COI Member:

  • Ability to have issues of concern raised as part of a larger, more influential body
  • Access to pivotal political figures through meetings and other functions
  • COI representation on city boards
  • Company name and web link on COI web site
  • Tracking of issues important to member companies
  • Attend monthly meetings with speakers discussing issues of interest to member companies

Full Membership:

Appropriate for any firm, company, corporate division engaged in research, manufacturing, storage, transportation, utility services or engineering of a business or industrial nature, including technology-based companies and any supporting service, businesses, located or operating in the West Contra Costa County Area is eligible to become a full member in the COI.

Benefits of Full Membership include:

  • Voting privileges
  • Eligible to serve on the Board of Directors
  • Representation by the COI regarding city and/or county issues
  • Ability to participate in all COI sponsored events
  • Receive informational updates on current or potential issues impacting city, county and/or state.