Board Responsibilities


In accepting the position as a Director of the Council of Industries (COI), I recognize that with the position comes a commitment to support the organization, its programs and policies and to do all that I can to develop and maintain high standards.

I also recognize that with this commitment comes certain responsibilities and duties which require a time and fiscal responsibility to ensure that our Board of Directors provides the leadership that is needed to maintain a viable and relevant organization.  In this respect,  I will:

  • Become familiar with the COI’s By-Laws so that I can become an informed representative of the COI Board of Directors.
  • Establish rules and regulations consistent with the By-Laws or the associated articles of incorporation for the guidance of the organization including establishment of dues, changes to the By-Laws, and consideration for COI membership.
  • Only as directed by the President or quorum of Board of Directors, represent the COI at public or private meetings, and/or in written correspondence. No statements shall be made by any COI Board Member or COI Member representing the interests of the COI unless directed to do so as stated above.
  • Provide input on the establishment of special committees charged with specific tasks.
  • Attend all Board meetings and other meetings and functions. Three unexcused Board meetings will result in review by the Board.
  • Review all board materials/ recommendations and participate in board decision making.
  • Attend the annual planning session.  Participate in the development, adoption and implementation of the strategic planning of the organization including the review and direction of the Executive Director.


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  • Communicate with the membership to inform them of board actions and COI programs.
  • Assume the responsibility for my own expenses for official COI meetings associates with programs of the organization.
  • Act as a resource in defining activities and/or problems within the membership and business community that need to be brought to the attention of the board.
  • Encourage Leadership in the City of Richmond by supporting one of the following: provide a speaker for the monthly meetings, attend Neighborhood Council Meetings, participate in COI and City sponsored events.
  • Encourage potential members to join COI by inviting business representatives to monthly meetings or COI sponsored events.
  • Perform other such duties as may be requested from time to time by the President or board of directors.