Alpi International

ALPI is a family run promotional products supplier that has been in the importing and promotional products business for over 35 years. With humble beginnings, Alpi began in the San Francisco garage of founder, Francesco Indrio, importing desk accessories from Italy.

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Bay Crossings

Since 2000, Bay Crossings Magazine has embodied the newly developing trend “Waterfront Hip” by delivering timely, relevant news to the waterfront community. Packed with regional news, reference material and local lore, Bay Crossings Magazine is sought after by locals and tourists alike for advice on worthy spots to spend their time and money. Bay Crossings Magazine has remained true to its mission of focusing on the needs and wants of our readers and the issues they feel are important, while they live, work and play along our historic bay front. Each new issue reinforces our loyal and dedicated audience, as they consistently pick up Bay Crossings Magazine every month.

We are a privately owned company. Our editorial goal is to advocate a comprehensive regional ferry service specifically and celebrate waterfront life, work and play generally.

Bobby Winston, Proprietor
Joel Williams, Publisher
Patrick Runkle, Editor

Joel Williams, Advertising & Marketing Director

Francisco Arreola, Designer / Web Producer

Francisco Arreola, Patrick Runkle, Joel Williams

Paul Duclos, Patrick Burnson and Sejal Choksi-Chugh

Bill Picture, Joel Williams, Dan Rosenheim and Matt Larson

Cindy Henderson

Advertising Inquiries:
(707) 556-3323,

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CDIM Engineering

CDIM formed in 2016 in San Francisco, California in response to opportunities created by firm consolidation in our industry and growing demand for client-centered technical consulting. We provide environmental engineering services to construction, development, industrial and municipal clients. Our expert-level service offerings include storm water engineering and compliance, site assessment, remediation, environmental and civil engineering, environmental regulatory compliance, air quality, planning and permitting, and environment project management.

We value engineering solutions that accomplish our client’s objectives, advance our profession and result in net positive business, community and social impacts.

CDIM maintains the following licenses and certifications:

  • Class A General Engineering Contractors License with Hazardous Substance Removal Certificate with California Contractors State Licensing Board (# 1020239 A HAZ).
  • Small Business Enterprise (SBE) through the State of California Department of General Services (#2002820).
  • Local Business Enterprise (LBE) through the City of San Francisco Contract Monitoring Division (#CMD082017244).
  • Federal small business for NAICS codes 541620 (environmental consulting), 541330 (civil engineering), and 562910 (remediation).
  • US System for Award Management with Duns & Bradstreet (#080937904) and CAGE (#7ZKP2).

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Haley & Aldrich

From a foundation of technical excellence, Haley & Aldrich seeks to create more value for our clients while reducing their overall project costs. We use novel approaches to engineering and environmental challenges, including more efficient processes and new ways of applying technology. In some cases that means not doing things the way they are usually done in our industry, or the way our clients typically approach a project.

We also innovate in our practice by looking beyond the technical challenges to consider how various stakeholders impacted by a project will measure success. We consider the needs of various regulatory agencies as well as the impact on the environment, communities, and neighborhoods. We factor those needs with our deep understanding of the value our clients desire to create for their organizations and stakeholders. In this “whole-system approach,” the more stakeholders who are satisfied, the more successful and more sustainable a project will be.

Core to how we operate is our commitment to having our best people on the most challenging opportunities, and the right people doing the right work—safely. To do this, we’ve built one team that works together across all U.S. geographies to solve complex problems above and below ground. We serve clients from multiple offices across the country while providing consistent and seamless delivery.

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Kaiser Permanente

Improving the future of health care. Research, clinical trials, and innovative solutions are driving the evolution of specialty care at Kaiser Permanente. When it matters most, you get leading-edge care that’s always improving.

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Moxion Power

Moxion is pioneering mobile energy storage products and technologies that accelerate last-mile electrification for their customers and enable a more resilient and sustainable future for us all. Meet the MP-75, the intelligent mobile battery built to replace diesel generators- true net zero battery packs with enough kilowatts to charge multiple machines. Moxion cares deeply about their customers, employees, and the planet. This Good Energy powers their commitment to continuous innovation and desire to leave an enduring positive impact on the planet

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MSH Group

MSH Group offers the capital, marketplace knowledge, and construction expertise needed to reconfigure out-dated and abandoned buildings for modern uses.

Owners of industrial and commercial properties, members of the financial community, real estate brokers — they know the challenges. MSH Group knows the solutions.

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Founded in 1909 in response to the ongoing violence against Black people around the country, the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) is the largest and most pre-eminent civil rights organization in the nation.

The Richmond, California Branch was chartered in 1944.  Since that time, it has been led by those committed and dedicated volunteer souls, who many times sacrificed much, for us to be brought thus far along the way.  The way, many times, has been clogged with injustices in politics, education, social services, and economic inequalities.  However, as the above objectives states, we will continue to lead the charge against such injustices against people of color wherever it may occur in our City of Pride and Purpose.


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Raven SR

Raven SR is a clean fuels company that transforms waste – municipal solid waste, organic waste, and methane – into high-quality, clean hydrogen and Fischer-Tropsch synthetic fuels through their uniquely patented Steam/CO2 Reforming technology. The Raven SR process is non-combustion – producing fewer emissions – and can process multiple and mixed wastes simultaneously. The patented process dependably produces a hydrogen-rich synthetic gas regardless of feedstock utilized, extracting the highest volume of output per ton of input. Raven SR will be located on Republic Service’s closed landfill site and will be transforming the green waste received at the site into clean hydrogen.

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