Richmond City Council Highlights — April 7, 2021

Summary: Started late 7:05pm following closed session meeting with unions. Adjourned 11:30 pm

All Councilmembers were present, however Councilmember Willis was absent for the latter half of the meeting. K-4 Grocery Hazard Pay – Will apply to Walmart, Target, CostCo, Grocery Outlet.  Will provide $5/hour hazard pay until risk level in Richmond returns to “minimal” yellow tier.

COI (Katrinka) spoke supporting our front line workers however, requested the City consider the impact on these businesses given the upcoming business license tax; the Grocer’s Association is suing two cities as to the legality; plus no businesses were contacted to see if they currently are paying this.

McLaughlin said that if hazard pay is being made by grocers they will be credited for what they are paying and would pay difference up to $5/hour.

Not one councilmember raised the question of legality. Vote: Passes unanimously. Several hours were spent on presentations by staff and discussions on establishing a FY21-22 budget, having public input, 3 meetings scheduled April – June, AND the pension obligation bonds.

Council requested another presentation on the bond management. Consent Calendar Item #H-30 A resolution in support of the Richmond People’s Strike Peoples

Movement Assembly (Jimenez, Willis) was pulled by the Mayor and placed at the end of the agenda, however, the meeting ended at 11:30 pm with items including this not addressed and will be moved to the next council meeting.