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Council of Business & Industry Mission Statement

The West Contra Costa County Council of Business & Industries is the regional advocate and member resource for business and industry that strengthens the local economy and improves the quality of life by working collaboratively with all stakeholders.

This mission is accomplished by:

  • Serving as a forum for members, helping in the exchange of ideas, viewpoints and solutions to challenges.
  • Increasing exposure through education of COI members and community stakeholders on the positive economic impact COI members have on the region
  • Developing partnerships with industry, building trades, public agencies and community groups to enhance the local economy
  • Building relationships and taking a leadership role in working proactively with elected officials on identifying and shaping policies that strengthen the local economy.
  • Taking a leadership role in working proactively on identifying and developing regional policies that strengthen the local economy

Please join COI and Richmond Chamber

Time: Jul 28, 2021 12:00 PM – 1:30pm Pacific Time (US and Canada)

The Council of Business & Industries in partnership with the Richmond Chamber of Commerce would like to invite you to a meeting to hear the Prologis developers discuss the Hilltop Project

Please rsvp by 07/26/21, along with any questions you may have about the project.
Details to join Zoom Meeting can be found here.

22nd Annual Shoreline and Bay Yacht Tour AND VIEWING OF THE BLUE ANGELS

Friday, October 8th

Mark your calendars! The Council of Industries’ (COI’s) annual Shoreline and Bay Yacht Tour is around the corner. As we move out of our time of COVID we are happy to host our networking event to celebrate return to the workplace. We are so excited to announce the 22nd year of the Council of Industries’ premier networking event on the Richmond shoreline and to celebrate this special year, we will then sail out into the bay to watch the Blue Angels and other acrobatic planes on their practice runs!

This is the key event of the year to network and mingle with other business representatives, local city staff, commissioners, local, county, regional and state elected officials, neighborhood council representatives, regulatory liaisons, community and neighborhood leaders, etc

To ensure another successful year, we need the support of our sponsors who will be noted in the event brochure, on sponsor Boards and during the opening remarks, and receive special recognition on our website and in the final invitation. Any sponsoring company may bring marketing material to be displayed on the yacht.

Further details about the event can be found here, and sponsorship can be easily purchased here on the website.

Defunding Richmond Police Department

The City is considering cutting 32 sworn police officers and take $10.3M from the police budget and put toward social programs. Whereas we support certain social programs that have proved successful, we don’t support taking the funding from the Police budget. We recommend the City review other funding that they are slated to receive for these social programs such as money from the County for homeless/houseless programs, $25M from the federal government for COVID related issues, some of which can be directed to the social programs rather than impact our public safety budget.

Voice your opinion, go to:

MEASURE U/Business License Tax Update

In November 2020, the City of Richmond voters passed Measure U Business License Tax which changed the calculation of the business license tax effective January 2022. Previously businesses would be taxed on the number of employees they had in the City of Richmond – except different rates were established for the cannabis businesses and property rentals.

The new tax is a progressive tax based on a business’s gross receipts made in the city of Richmond. For those businesses with$250,000 or less of gross receipts in the City of Richmond, their business license tax would be $100.00. If your gross receipts in Richmond are more than $250,000 a year, you would pay a progressive rate depending upon what classification of business you are in and what level of gross receipts you have. If you have an office in Richmond but have no gross receipts in Richmond, you would pay a business license tax based on your City of Richmond payroll.

To compare what you are paying now with what you will be paying to go to the Council of Business & Industries (COI) home page and use this Calculator Tax for Measure U

You can also contact Katrinka Ruk at or call 510-260-4820.


A small group of business representatives from the (COI), Richmond Chamber, 23rdSt. Merchants, Main St. as well as some property owners have met with the City of Richmond Staff. The outcome of the two meetings are as follows:

  1. COI reviewed their alternative progressive tax rate using gross receipts with Staff member Antonio Banuelos.
  2. Ordinance language issues were discussed and a list of issues and recommendations were provided to staff – now under review by City Attorney.
  3. Antonio Banuelos and Finance Director Belinda Brown will be setting up meetings with the various business classifications- we are waiting to hear about the dates and which classifications they will meet with first.
  4. City Staff has put out an RFQ for a consultant to assist with the implementation of the new progressive tax rate including a review of the rate structure, economic impact on our businesses, and meetings with businesses. There was only one organization that bid on this – Management Partners which just recently presented the City’s 10-year financial forecast.
  5. The 10-year financial forecast used the City’s estimate of business license tax revenue. We believe that the City’s calculation which they based on sales tax revenue is not accurate. In addition, the 10-year forecast predicts an economic recovery in 2022-2023 which we disagree with.

Next Steps

  1. City to hire a consultant.
  2. City to establish meetings with business classifications.
  3. COI to review alternative progressive tax rate calculations with the consultant.
  4. City Attorney to provide language changes based on recommendations made.
  5. Staff to present changes to City Council.