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Council of Business & Industry Mission Statement

Do you know what you pay now in Richmond City Business License Tax and what you might pay should Measure U pass on 11/3/20?

Use this handy calculator to find out! Simple download the sheet, calculate your current tax, and find out how you will be taxed — depending on your type of business and gross receipts.

Download My Tax Calculator Form

To find out more about Measure U, refer to our attached op-ed

Download Op-Ed on Measure U

Compare your current tax rate with the proposed tax rates using the document below. Please note that Class G also includes warehouses.

Download PDF Here
*Open this link in a new tab to download

The West Contra Costa County Council of Business & Industries is the regional advocate and member resource for business and industry that strengthens the local economy and improves the quality of life by working collaboratively with all stakeholders.

This mission is accomplished by:

  • Serving as a forum for members, helping in the exchange of ideas, viewpoints and solutions to challenges.
  • Increasing exposure through education of COI members and community stakeholders on the positive economic impact COI members have on the region
  • Developing partnerships with industry, building trades, public agencies and community groups to enhance the local economy
  • Building relationships and taking a leadership role in working proactively with elected officials on identifying and shaping policies that strengthen the local economy.
  • Taking a leadership role in working proactively on identifying and developing regional policies that strengthen the local economy