The Council of Industries was originally established as a business trade organization for industrial and port businesses in West Contra Costa County to ensure and protect the growth of this economic base of the county. We are an incorporated nonprofit 501c(6) organization formed 50+ years ago to foster a healthy business climate and improve the quality of life in West Contra Costa County.  Over the years we have expanded into the Council of Business & Industries to include all forms of manufacturing, distribution, and supporting businesses such as banking, finance, environmental consulting, etc.

The mission of COI is to provide a common voice and be an advocate of business and industry on economic, social and political issues.

Our member companies…

  • Comprise holdings greater than $9 billion assessed valuation in the City of Richmond and its sphere of influence
  • Provide work for 5,500 direct employees and at least 25,000 supporting employees who reside in Richmond and the County
  • Contribute to the tax base of the local economy with local taxes paid in excess of $150 million
  • Make substantial contributions to the local economy and communities through taxation, employment, volunteer efforts and direct donations of $2.5 million