COI/Chamber Richmond Green/Blue New Deal Jobs Program


11:00 am - 12:30 pm

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COI Virtual Workshop – Green-Blue opportunities to expand your business

Event flyerYou are invited to join a workshop hosted by the Council of Industries, Richmond Chamber of Commerce and the Richmond Green-Blue New Deal Workforce Development Plan, “a plan the City is developing to invest in Richmond residents & businesses by bringing well-paying job opportunities that will equitably transition the local economy to environmentally healthy infrastructure.”

Green-Blue projects are opportunities to grow and expand your business and take advantage of economic benefits provided by the state of California.

  • What: Council of Industries/Richmond Chamber Virtual Workshop: Richmond Green-Blue New Deal
  • When: Friday, March 10th 11:00am-12:30pm
  • Where: Zoom Meeting, please register in advance at

This interactive workshop will provide an opportunity to:

  • Learn more about the Green-Blue New Deal and identify opportunities for alignment with your existing work in Richmond.
  • Explore Green-Blue projects offering economic development opportunities in Richmond including steel fabrication, supply chain manufacturing, freight movement, building deconstruction, housing construction, recycling, renewable fuels, micro-retail and manufacturing to name a few.
  • Exchange ideas and make connections with the Green-Blue New Deal Project Team and Richmond business and industry stakeholders.

You are encouraged to share this opportunity with your network. Download our flyer with all the Workshop details. Please reach out with any questions and we hope to see you at the virtual workshop! Contact Bridget Brown for support with registration and joining the workshop.


Green-Blue Projects Offering Economic Development

Opportunities in Richmond
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  • The state of California has set a goal of 5 Gigawatts of Offshore Wind Development by 2030 which will be made possible through:
    • Steel fabrication
    • Supply chain manufacturing
    • Freight movement
    • Boat building
    • Safety training
  • Battery manufacturing – Energy stored in batteries is replacing fossil fuels burned in vehicles and diesel generators. Solar emergency microgrids rely on batteries to store solar energy to shift peak loads and sell electricity when rates are higher.
  • Solar panel manufacturing – There are U.S. companies with innovative solar panel designs that are looking for places to manufacture in the U.S.
  • Battery and solar panel recycling – At the end of their useful life, batteries and solar panels need to be recycled so that their components parts can be turned into new products.
  • Construction of green accessory dwelling (housing) units– Richmond’s Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) is for 3,614 new housing units by 2031. These units would be all electric, follow CalGreen building standards, and build wealth in the community.
  • Building deconstruction and salvage – When buildings are torn down, their valuable parts (old growth timber framing, solid wood doors, wooden flooring, bathtubs, sinks, and kitchen cabinets) can be sold or donated for tax credits.
  • Reusable plastic pallet manufacturing – Plastic bottles tossed into recycling bins can be shredded, repalletized and thermo-molded into reusable plastic pallets (40”x48”) for use in distribution centers.
  • Shared micro-retail space – Four or five small retail businesses could share space, share the cost of rent, and attract people to the downtown area.
  • Shared micro-manufacturing space – Micro manufacturers making soap, jewelry, sewing backpacks or purses, or assembling wooden toys could share space, share the cost of rent, and attract visitors downtown.
  • Restaurant development downtown – There are two spaces